Corporate Profiles

Over the years, World Energy has helped companies tell their story in an innovative and informative style. Our corporate profiles take the form of interactive Q&A's done with company executives, on-site footage where the inner workings of the company can be seen and combinations of both that really bring the story home.

Examples of our corporate profiles can be seen here.

The first is an indepth interview with Curtis Burton, CEO of Buccaneer Energy. The interview goes into great detail about his reasons for several actions he has taken at Buccaneer and what he expects in the very near future. The video was shot prior to a shareholder meeting and was designed to put "color" on reports and press releases made by the company.

The next video is an informal Q&A with the then senior executives of Hercules Offshore. The company had gone through several recent acquisitions and the video was designed to allow the team to describe those changes and how the market for jackup rigs was changing. The CEO of Hercules, the Chief Operating Officer, the CFO and others were all interviewed.

The third video is shot on Location with an innovative technology company Silicon Solutions. The company's product, ERA 3 was developed to help stimulate wells where production has dropped significantly over the years. The video is shot on location, where George Stapleton the CEO of the company is working with a local operator in Texas to stimulate a well that had gone off production. Ultimately the process was successful bringing the well back online and increasing the production and making the well profitable again.