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10 Essential Principles for Sound Energy Policy

by Alex Mills President Texas Alliance of Energy Producers U.S. energy policy for today and tomorrow must involve much more than providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to consumers. The energy policy of the future must..READ MORE >

A Principled Approach to Climate Change

by Thomas R. Kuhn President Edison Electric Institute A Principled Approach to Climate Change The Edison Electric Institute and its member electric companies across the nation understand the growing concerns about clim..READ MORE >

Achieving Energy Security: Toward a More Holistic Approach

by Abdallah S. Jum’ah President and CEO Saudi Aramco Many national and international policies, while seemingly unrelated to energy, have played a signifi cant role in our business. In fact, regional and global politica..READ MORE >

America’s Energy Strategy Must Be Shared by Asia

by Samuel Wright Bodman U.S. Secretary of Energy In December 2004 President George W. Bush nominated me as the nation’s 11th secretary of energy. I accepted with the understanding that I would focus on the need to enhance A..READ MORE >

Another Nail in the Coffin of the Case Against Peak Oil

by Matthew R. Simmons Chairman and CEO Simmons & Company International As oil prices rise, the debate about “peak oil” rages on. Optimists, who are still probably the majority of oil pundits, argue that there w..READ MORE >

Are Unilateral Climate Change Policies Creating the “Perfect Storm”?

by Richard O. Faulk, Partner, Environmental, Government Affairs and John S. Gray, Partner, Environmental, Government Affairs Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP The winds of change have shifted. A regulatory storm prompted by global clim..READ MORE >

Avoid the Energy Myths and Diversify

by Thomas F. Farrell II Chairman, President and CEO Dominion The challenges we face in developing, obtaining and using energy in a carbon-constrained world are many, and they are complex. The United States is the world&rsquo..READ MORE >

Can California Commit to a Successful Energy Policy?

by David J. O’Reilly Chairman and CEO Chevron Corporation Several years ago I was optimistic about the future of global energy markets. At that time, a barrel of oil sold for about $30 and gasoline sold for about $1.50 a..READ MORE >

Commitment Beyond National Level Is Needed to Increase Energy Options

by Samuel Wright Bodman U.S. Secretary of Energy Improving American energy security and addressing global climate change are among the most pressing challenges the country faces. We are confronting rapidly growing energy demand a..READ MORE >

Delivering America’sEnergy Security

by Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. President and CEO Marathon Oil Corporation The challenge of delivering America’s energy security is, in my view, one of the most serious and defi ning issues of our time. We are in the mi..READ MORE >

Developing the Waves of the Future: How a Tiny Nation Became a Pioneer in Marine Energy

by Brian Nixon Director of Energy Scottish Enterprise Scotland has long been one of the world’s leading players in the provision of energy, whether hydroelectricity or gas and oil from the North Sea. So as economic conce..READ MORE >

DOE Works on National Energy Strategy, But Collaboration Is Needed

by Samuel Wright Bodman U.S. Secretary of Energy The world is confronting a rapidly growing demand for energy, rising prices and an urgent need to produce and use energy more cleanly and effi ciently in ways that do not har..READ MORE >

Electricity: Powering the Change That America Needs

by Thomas R. Kuhn, President and David K. Owens, Executive Vice President, Business Operations Group Edison Electric Institute During the presidential campaign last year, we heard a lot about the need for change. In November, ..READ MORE >

Energy Challenges in Florida and the Nation

by Red Cavaney Former President and CEO API The American Petroleum Institute (API) represents an industry directly employing nearly 2 million Americans, with another 4 million jobs indirectly tied to the oil and natural gas ..READ MORE >

Energy Debates: Can We Be Honest with Ourselves?

by Thomas F. Farrell II President and CEO Dominion The energy debate has moved into a new level of public awareness. It is a debate, however, that I believe has not really begun – not in real terms, at least. While Iraq ..READ MORE >

Energy Myths and Realities

by Keith O. Rattie Chairman, President and CEO Questar Corporation Thirty-three years ago, as a recent graduate with a fresh degree in electrical engineering, I made a decision to go to work for an oil company – Chevron &n..READ MORE >

Energy Security and the Leadership Challenge

by David J. O’Reilly Chairman and CEO Chevron Corporation For some years, the challenges and opportunities for the energy industry have grown to loom larger than ever. The challenges include demand growth relative to new..READ MORE >

Energy Security for the Long Term

by David J. O’Reilly Chairman and CEO Chevron Corporation The entertainment and energy industries in California have much more in common than one might think. For one thing, both are always looking for new discoveries. C..READ MORE >

Engineering Some Answers to the World’s Demand for Energy

by Greg Lewin President Shell Global Solutions International BV In today’s world, we are faced with some inescapable truths. One is that demand for energy is rising. It is forecast that global energy demand will rise by ..READ MORE >

House and Senate Measures Threaten Domestic Energy Production

by Tom Fry President National Ocean Industries Association In a rare Saturday session on August 4, the House of Representatives voted 241-172 to pass an energy bill (H.R. 3221) that would use taxes and royalties from oil and ..READ MORE >

In Tough Times, Investing in Both Energy and the Environment

by Tony Hayward Group Chief Executive BP The member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the developing world are experiencing the sharpest slowdown in economic growth for many decade..READ MORE >

Liberalization of the Russian Power Market

by Dmitry Valeryevich Ponomarev Management Board Chairman NP ATS In 2008 the Russian power industry will complete a reform that involves a serious transformation of that sector of the country’s economy. The main objectiv..READ MORE >

Meeting America’s Future Energy Needs: The Challenge of the 21st Century

by Patrick W. French President, Alliance Foundation for Energy Education Senior Vice President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers In a dramatically changing world that requires more energy than ever before, America’s go..READ MORE >

Meeting the Challenge: A Navigation Aid for Energy Leaders

by Christopher E. H. Ross Leader, Houston Petroleum Practice CRA International and Lane E. Sloan Chairman, Greater Houston Energy Collaborative Greater Houston Partnership No industry but the energy industry seems to ..READ MORE >

Natural Gas and Coal: A Comparison of the Two Largest Electric Generation Sources

by Alex Mills President Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Natural gas and coal have battled each other for supremacy in the generation of electricity in Texas and the nation for decades. Even though natural gas was considered ..READ MORE >

Natural Gas: Today’s Choice for a Better Tomorrow

by David McClanahan President and CEO, CenterPoint Energy 2008 Chairman, American Gas Association Some key issues face the natural gas industry today, and over the past year the American Gas Association (AGA) has worked hard t..READ MORE >

Nuclear Power: Clean Energy for America

by Admiral Frank L. “Skip” Bowman, USN (Retired) Former President and CEO Nuclear Energy Institute The United States has an increasing demand for-electricity and a need to reduce CO2 and other-greenhouse gas (GH..READ MORE >

Oil and Gas Sector to Continue Fueling Energy Capital’s Economy in 2007

by Patrick W. French President, Alliance Foundation for Energy Education Senior Vice President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers While global, national and regional macroeconomic infl uences all will affect the economic heal..READ MORE >

Public Education Moves Forward in Texas

by Patrick W. French President Foundation for Energy Education Senior Vice President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Today, an industry that is the bedrock of America’s economy and way of life is under attack by tho..READ MORE >

Realistic View of National Energy Challenge Is Needed

by Thomas F. Farrell II Chairman, President and CEO Dominion There is an old Chinese saying: “May you live in interesting times.” These days most of us are thinking, “How about a little less interesting?”..READ MORE >

Six Unvarnished Truths: China and the Global Energy Challenge

by Linda Cook Executive Director, Gas & Power Royal Dutch Shell plc There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be in the energy sector. The challenge presents itself as the trilemma of the three E’s:..READ MORE >

Solar Energy: An Economic Engine for Jobs and Investment

by Rhone Resch President Solar Energy Industries Association As the excitement surrounding the recent election gives way to the realities of governing, both the new Administration and new Congress face the task of tackling our..READ MORE >

Sportsmanship and Image: The Energy Industry Needs Both

by Timothy W. Finchem Commissioner PGA TOUR I was intrigued by an article that appeared in the August 2008 issue of World Energy Monthly Review, titled “It’s Time to Raise Our Voice and Put the Tiger Back in Our ..READ MORE >

Testing the Winds of Change: Preparing Now for Challenges in the Oil Industry

by Dr. Ibrahim S. Mishari Chairman of the Board Saudi Petroleum Overseas, Ltd. The oil industry can be as changeable as the weather – and the weather is indeed unpredictable these days. The world over, temperatures were ..READ MORE >

Texas Needs to Lead the Charge on Energy Independence

by Rick Perry Governor of Texas America relies on other nations for 70 percent of its oil supply. As a matter of foreign and economic policy, the United States must reduce its dependence on foreign oil by building a deeper, more ..READ MORE >

The DOE and States Work to Improve Energy Efficiency

by Samuel Wright Bodman U.S. Secretary of Energy A great challenge lies before us in terms of meeting future energy demand. Projections show that by 2030, global energy consumption is expected to grow by more than 50 percent, wi..READ MORE >

The Electric Utility Super-Major?

by Mark Bentley Managing Director and Global Co-Head Resources and Energy Group Corporate Investment Banking and Markets HSBC In 2006 and 2007 "big-ticket" utility transactions returned in the form of some of the largest..READ MORE >

The Petroleum Crunch: A North American Solution

by Stephen J.J. Letwin Managing Director, Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. and Executive Vice President for Gas Transportation Enbridge Inc. Since the oil embargo years of the 1970s, U.S. energy policy has advanced and recede..READ MORE >

The Real Issue: Security of Supply

by Curtis D. Burton Chairman and CEO Buccaneer Resources, LLC Here we are again. Congress wants to know why gasoline prices are going up. Gasoline prices are, well, simply unreasonable. Congress wants to have hearings and inve..READ MORE >

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of a Department of Energy

by Ed Miliband MP Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change United Kingdom In 1942, with energy being crucial to the war effort, Great Britain established the Ministry of Fuel and Power, but it abolished the department in..READ MORE >

The Tide of Change in Louisiana

by Don G. Briggs President Louisiana Oil and Gas Association The tide of change is rolling in, and it is diffi cult to tell if it is a high tide or a tsunami. World crude oil supply and demand continues to remain tight, with w..READ MORE >

The U.K. Government Tackles the Challenges of Climate Change and Energy Security

by Lord Peter Truscott Under-secretary of State for Energy U.K. Parliament On May 23, 2007, the U.K. government published its 2007 Energy White Paper. Its signifi cance cannot be overstated. The document addresses two challeng..READ MORE >

Three Myths and Three Realities

by Tony Hayward Group Chief Executive BP There was a time when energy policy was back-page news. Not anymore. This year we have all seen the prices rise, topping even the record levels we saw in the 1970s. These price..READ MORE >

Toward a Green Revolution

by James E. Rogers Chairman, President and CEO Duke Energy Just as engineers at the turn of the last century harnessed rivers to generate power to launch our industrial revolution, today’s industry leaders are.investing b..READ MORE >

U.S. Electric Grid Helps Meet Modern Challenges

by José Delgado President and CEO American Transmission Co. The August 2003 blackout of portions of the eastern United States and Canada illustrated the fragility of North America’s electric network. In a matter o..READ MORE >

Untapped Resources Are Key to U.S. Economic Recovery and Energy Stability

by J. Larry Nichols Chairman American Petroleum Institute Developing the untapped resources of natural gas and oil off U.S. coasts can help put our nation on the road to economic recovery. It will provide jobs, higher incom..READ MORE >