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Carly Fiorina, candidate for President discusses energy policy.

6/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

One of the very few candidates to express any willingness to compare and contrast how she would handle energy to what the current administration is doing, Carly Florina, met with The Fuse to discuss energy policy.  While the answers were a little contrived and short on specifics, we appaud the effort and hope to see more candidates take a shot at it. Highlights include:

 “I would lift the restriction on exporting oil to enable America to be energy independent.”

 “Regarding the renewable fuels standard, it’s not the government’s job to determine market access.”  (She also made a comment that we think means she would lift subsidies on other commodities as well.)

 “the federal government has decided, through the EPA, basically to destroy the coal industry.”

 “If we were investing in clean coal technology and achieved some level of progress and breakthrough, we could be exporting that technology to China.”

 “One of the things I always say when we get involved with the topic of climate change is the answer to this is innovation not regulation.”

 “As President I would roll back many of these regulations (on hydrolic fracking and limited access to federal lands)”

 No significant comment on how to reduce our reliance on gasoline except that she doesn’t support increasing taxes at the pump.

 Read the full interview at The Fuse,