• As the candidates trade barbs, who will lead on Energy?

  • The Pope and the Religion of Climate Change.

  • Thank You Mr. President! 

    EPA brings out new sweeping regulations.

  • The Oil Price Roller Coaster Picks Up Speed.

  • To Export or Not To Export...Is it really a question?

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World Energy Opinion

Trump on Energy in Politics...?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where would Donald Trump stand on Energy... Still Waiting. 
We know his stance on immigration and we certainly know where he stands when dealing with the media.

It seems everyone is talking about the "Donald" these days.  Will he be the next nominee, will he actually build the wall, is he conservative or opportunistic?  How Donald Trump would govern is a good question to ask, our current President was elected with "hope and change" and no real descriptions.  Donald Trump seems to be getting along with "Make America Great Again".  While he promises that he will make everything better, details are a little hard to come by, especially when it comes to Energy. read more

The Oil Price Roller Coaster Picks Up more Speed.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Never a dull moment with oil prices

It seems that oil prices are becoming a moving target even though over all supply and demand point to parity or close to it we still see wide swings in price.  After falling below $40 dollars a barrel the price has gone to nearly $70 and after hovering in the $50 range, has plunged to the low thirties, giving everyone watching whip lash.

Why is the market so temperamental on oil these days?  China is having issues and that could signal lower demand, ok, Saudi and OPEC have not reduced production in the face of faltering demand, alright, Iran is set to start exporting, that's an issue, Western Europe is seeing economic upheaval, sure that counts, but is it enough to crush oil.  Recently Saudi cut ties with Iran and looks to be bracing for a fight.  Israel seems to be under ever greater pressure to push its neighbors back a few paces.  Russia and Venezuela are being crushed by low oil prices, Shell and others are dropping leases in Alaska and over 40 oil and gas companies have filed for bankruptcy protection in the US, but is that enough to turn the downturn back up? read more

Data or Dogma

Thursday, December 10, 2015

This week is an interesting week for Climate Change enthusiasts around the world.  We have the meeting in Paris, where an agreement on a Climate Tax scenario is being hammered out among nations and a Senate hearing in the US where the science is being discussed from the other side.

The President of the United States, appearing in Paris, has stated that the climate changing is as big a crisis as Middle East terrorism and the time to act is now.  He seems very willing to commit the developed nations to giving money to the less developed nations under some flag.
 read more



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