• The Oil Price Roller Coaster Picks Up Speed.

  • To Export or Not To Export...Is it really a question?

  • EPA Picks a side on Fracking... Or does it?

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia, should we be worried?

In The News 

31-Jul-2015 - Senate energy panel votes to lift oil export ban

The U.S. Senate Energy Committee on Thursday narrowly passed a bill to lift .. READ MORE >

30-Jul-2015 - Hillary Clinton rolls out climate agenda

Hillary Clinton unveiled her most detailed proposals on climate change since bec.. READ MORE >

30-Jul-2015 - Obama pressed by hundreds of groups to scrap ozone rules

President Obama was bombarded by nearly 300 groups representing business and.. READ MORE >

30-Jul-2015 - Oil Industry Starts New Round of Cost Cuts as Oil Slump Persists

BP Plc and Chevron Corp. fired the opening salvo for a further round of cost.. READ MORE >

World Energy Opinion

Renewable Fuel Standards, making your car obsolete and big business happy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The RFS, renewable fuel standard woes.

Recently I came across a term that has been widely used to punch holes in the renewable fuel standard, the “blend wall.” Having not paid too much attention to ethanol and its rules I hadn’t come across this before so I decided to take a closer look. read more

Iranian oil impact, are we seeing an underestimation of geopolitics and wishful thinking?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

by Dr Cyril Widdershoven
The unexpected success of the P5+1 Iranian nuclear agreement is still making headlines in the global media. Analysts are convinced that the return of Iran into the global economy will have an huge impact, leaving oil and gas prices low for the foreseeable future. Optimists are indicating that Iran could easily bring 600,000 -1.5 million bpd of crude oil onto the market, while gas exporters are dreading the return of Iran’s gas exports. Western politicians and corporations are flocking to Tehran’s 5* hotels, and are sucking up to the former member of the Axis of Evil.  The world has changed, nobody can deny that, but has it changed for the better?   read more

Oil Market Woes in Congress, to Export or Not to Export

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I remember reading rumors about the vast amounts of oil locked in the Mid West as Internet spam, and the conspiracy theory that the US was using imported oil before allowing its oil to be developed.  Rumors that hyper efficient cars or electric cars were being stifled by the industry and rumors of price fixing.  It seems now that every time the price of oil kicks up the conspiracies come back with a vengeance.  So has anything changed, as the price goes up will we once again see the conspiracy theories abound? read more




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