• Thank You Mr. President! 

    EPA brings out new sweeping regulations.

  • The Oil Price Roller Coaster Picks Up Speed.

  • To Export or Not To Export...Is it really a question?

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia, should we be worried?

In The News 

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World Energy Opinion

Trump on Energy in Politics

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where would Donald Trump stand on Energy? We know his stance on immigration and we certainly know where he stands when dealing with the media.

So far we have seen only snap shots that tell us where Mr. Trump is likely to be when it comes to energy and energy policy.

Comments like “NOPEC” and stating that OPEC is playing us might lead us to believe that he would be for creating a trade war. However, he has used such statements to preface the need to build our domestic resources of natural gas and oil.  He also points out that OPEC is a group of speculators and blames them for price volatility even going so far as to say that if they did this in America it would be illegal.  But what does he really mean by that, we will need to wait and see.  It seems he is really complaining about market share, and that is something Mr. Trump certainly knows something about. read more

Summer Nape Recap, Low Prices, Great Deals, wait for recovery.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer NAPE 2015 kicked off on Wednesday, Aug. 19 with the NAPE Business Conference sponsored by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. Speakers included Arthur W. Gelber, President, Gelber & Associates Corp./Gelber Energy LLC; James C. Manatt, Chairman/CEO, Thrust Energy, Inc.; Christina Kitchens, EVP, Managing Group Director for CTB Energy Finance, and Bruce H. Vincent, former president of Swift Energy Company. Attendees gathered to hear this year’s speakers share their insights and expertise along with their thoughts and predictions about the future of the oil and gas industry.
While the speakers were in agreement that the industry continues to battle low oil prices, they also emphasized that now is the best time for oil and gas companies to invest in smart opportunities to come out ahead when oil and natural gas prices eventually rise again.
“You will never again be able to buy leases for as low of a price as they are now,” said Manatt. “Companies should allocate their budgets to take advantage of this great return on leases.” read more

Energy policy in today's world of make-believe

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Does energy policy need to be complicated?

Over the years we have published hundreds of articles from industry CEOs, Presidents, managers, politicians and Energy Dignitaries about energy policy.  You can see a partial list here.  The nuances surrounding the topic are numerous and the policies, for the most part, make sense.  So why can’t our guys in Washington or on the campaign trail get it right?   read more



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