• Saudi Arabia and Russia, should we be worried?

  • To Export or Not To Export...Is it really a question?

  • Predicting oil prices can have its downside.

  • EPA Picks a side on Fracking... Or does it?

  • The Pope and the Religion of Climate Change.

In The News 

02-Jul-2015 - As Saudis Keep Pumping, Thirst for Domestic Oil Swells

RIYADH—Saudi Arabia is poised to break records for oil production this.. READ MORE >

02-Jul-2015 - In Report for the GAO...Electric Generation Mix Has Shifted

What GAO Found The mix of energy sources for electricity generation has ch.. READ MORE >

01-Jul-2015 - Can Nuclear Power Warm Russian-Saudi Relations?

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01-Jul-2015 - Coal Stocks Rise as Supreme Court rules EPA must consider cost of new regulations

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World Energy Opinion

Oregon the first to implement a "SMART" tax on cars

Friday, July 03, 2015

The age of the "SMART" Tax, brought to you by higher CAFÉ standards, electric cars and smart meters.
One thing is certain, well make that two things, death and taxes.  No matter what happens you can rest assured that at the end of this life there will be the unavoidable conclusion, and all along the journey the government will be collecting its share of your pie.  So on the one hand our federal government has been pushing conservation, drive less, heat or air condition your home less, use less energy, while on the other hand they have been trying to figure out how to get more of your money while you do it. read more

Is Saudi Arabia winning the price war...not without help.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Over the last year we have watched the price of oil drop from a high of $107 to lows in the $30 dollar mark and a recovery to $60 dollars. Today we have some saying that the price war against swing producers (US unconventionals) is over and the price has stabilized.   read more

Saudi Arabia and Russia, should we be worried?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Will a new cold war present itself due to the lack of leadership from the United States and our new found oil production?  In 1976 we signed an agreement with Saudi that avoided any further use of oil as a weapon against the United States in exchange for, among other things, our protection.  Could the Kingdom now be seeking other protectors as our oil production increases and our support of our allies wanes. 

Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin met Saudi Prince Mohammad in St. Petersburg where Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the world’s leading oil producers, decided to form a working group for joint energy projects.  read more




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