Gazprom Raises Estimate of Europe-bound Gas Exports to 158 Bcm

15-Sep-2015 Russia's Gazprom has raised its forecast for natural gas exports to Europe and Turkey to 158 billion cubic meters in 2015 as daily nominations by consumers are exceeding last-year levels, with the average price of Gazprom's gas estimated at Eur195.9/1,000 cu m ($221.7/cu m) for the upcoming winter season. 

"The current forecast sees gas exports at over 158 billion cubic meters," Gazprom's deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev said Monday. 

The figure includes volumes that were sold via the company's first-ever auction last week, he said. 

Gazprom raised its forecast as it sees steady demand for its gas, with the current daily offtake exceeding last-year levels, Medvedev told reporters at a briefing. 

"We see that [the company's consumers] are taking up to 100 million cu m/day now, which is higher than [in the same period of] 2014," he said. (by Nadia Rodova, Oil and Gas Eurasia)