Georgia Electric Car Sales Drop ~90% In ~6 Months


How far have we come since the 2006 documentary Who Killed The Electric Car, an astute film nominated for Best Documentary Environmental Media Awards (2006) and many other awards? The film won and was a finalist for several big awards, partly because of how disappointing the turn away from electric cars was. How far have we come since then? It depends on the state. California, particularly with its Charge Ahead program, $2,500 ZEV rebate, and ZEV mandate. Many other states are lagging, though, and one is even going backward. Georgia was a surprising progressive encouraging EV adoption. In fact, at one time, it was leading the country in incentives for EVs. But Georgia has been driving down incentives for EVs. Is it another murder attempt on electric cars?

The film bears repetition at this time. Protecting clean air, clean water, and a livable climate warrants EV support. If we were adequately pricing gasoline and carbon emissions, that would be one thing, but since we’re not….

There are more reasons for driving EVs. Not every person becomes interested in EVs due to care for clean air or ecological wellness. Some do so due to the genuinely superior torque, the space-age-styled technology, the concern for safer travel, and the quiet. Others have become interested due to the math, as explains... (by Cynthia Shahan, Clean Technica)