Getting ready to rumble: Texas prepares to take on the EPA in court


Texas is expected to join a challenge from about 20 states that intend on taking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to court over the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

An air quality lawyer who represents a group opposed to the plan told the rule is “based on such shaky legal ground” and he’s confident it will get struck down, but acknowledges it’s crucial to get a court order that will at least temporarily suspend the Clean Power Plan while the lawyers and judges thrash things out.

President Obama has described the CPP as the “the single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change.”

But Mike Nasi, general counsel for Balanced Energy for Texas, an organization supporting electricity generation and transmission interests, says the Clean Power Plan is “a stark example of how EPA has overstepped its authority.”

The EPA’s response?
Bring it on.

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