Jeb Bush energy plan emphasizes U.S. jobs, lower prices


Republican U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush outlined an energy plan on Tuesday that would seek to take greater advantage of booming U.S. oil and natural gas supplies to boost jobs and economic growth.

In a speech at Rice Energy Inc., in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Bush gave yet another detailed policy speech, presenting himself as a policy heavyweight in a Republican field so far led by Donald Trump.

In fact, Bush used Twitter to tweak Trump for releasing a tax reform plan on Monday that Bush said resembled his own plan. "Finally saw Donald's 'tax plan.' Looks familiar! I'm flattered," Bush said.

Under the energy plan Bush said he would adopt if elected president in November 2016, he would lift a decades-old U.S. ban on crude oil exports and lift restrictions on natural gas exports. That would allow exports to countries like Japan, China and the European Union.(by STEVE HOLLAND, Reuters)

Other points, he would fight restrictions on carbon put in place by the Obama admin.
Approve the XL Pipeline.