San Diego creates Solar Hotspot...but at what cost.


The State of California has created a robust market for wealthy home owners in San Diego to put solar panels on their roofs.  Three programs funded by tax payers allow those with the means to save on their power bills over time. The California Solar Initiative,  the Residential Solar Electric Incentive for Homes Destroyed in Wildfires (California) and the fact that the State mandates that power companies buy excess power have combined to help wealthy home owners in the counties that surround San Diego realize the savings.


The boom’s been most robust in northern communities away from the coast.

Data released by San Diego Gas & Electric shows the county’s top rooftop solar meccas are east of Interstate 5 and mostly represent people who own their homes instead of renting. Homeowners further from the coast often have higher energy bills that can make solar panels a more attractive investment. Hotspots include Poway, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Ramona and Lakeside.

The SDG&E data is based on the number of solar  net energy metering connections – a state-mandated arrangement that allows solar customers to receive credit for energy their systems produce – per ZIP code.

This map shows net metering applications by ZIP code, plus the estimated kilowatts of power the area’s solar panels could produce. (Voice of San Diego)