Wave of new federal oil and gas mandates in the works

07-Jul-2015 WASHINGTON - A wave of federal regulation is set to hit the oil and gas industry in coming years, but the crests of the coming mandates are visible now, as administration officials race to draft and finalize proposals before President Barack Obama leaves office.

The measures range from minor to major, with some specifically targeting oil and gas activities and others affecting the sector because they apply economy-wide. In all cases, the government's long regulatory timeline - with initial drafts and final rules subjected to public comment and interagency reviews - means work is under way now with an eye on finishing the job in 2016 or 2017.

Even if regulators don't impose new rules on climate change, air pollution and offshore drilling by the time a new president is installed in January 2017, they can lay down markers and create momentum for the measures. Actions now can sometimes lock in a future administration, no matter who succeeds Obama in the White House. (By Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Houston Chronicle)


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