Wind Farm Subsidy Cut Is 'Chilling Signal' To Renewable Energy Sector


The UK Government is to end new subsidies for onshore wind farms by closing the existing payments schemes a year early, it has announced.

The move aims to fulfil a Conservative promise ahead of the election on ending new public subsidies for onshore wind farms and changing the law so local people have the final say on them.

The Tories claim the onshore turbines "often fail to win public support and are unable by themselves to provide the firm capacity that a stable energy system requires".

The subsidy cut was called a 'chilling signal' to the renewable energy sector

But the industry and environmental campaigners have criticised the Conservatives for attacking the cheapest form of clean energy, and one which enjoys the support of 65% of people, while saying they want to cut carbon in the most cost-effective way.

Under the plans, the "renewables obligation" scheme, through which subsidies are paid to renewable schemes, will be closed to onshore wind farms from April 1, 2016.

There will be a grace period offered to projects that already have planning consent, a grid connection offer and acceptance and evidence that the scheme has the right to use the land. (Huffington Post)


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