Wind Turbins are getting really big, like 600 ft. big

11-Aug-2015 CALGARY – From megawatts to the size of rotors, everything about wind turbines has been getting bigger.

But even proponents of wind power say they may be reaching a limit as logistics and a lack of social acceptance over their size start to hinder growth.

San Francisco-based Pattern Energy Group Inc recently announced it will be installing 61 GE turbines at its Meikle wind project in British Columbia capable of generating between 2.75 and 3.2 megawatts of power. At 180 megawatts, Meikle will be the largest wind project in the province.

The 2.75-megawatt turbine rots will be nearly 60 metres long, while the tower to hold the rotors will stand at 110 metres. That means the tip of the blades will reach 170 metres high, or a little taller than the tower on Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. GE says they’re the biggest publicly planned wind turbines in the country. (by Ian Bickis, Global News)